Pre-Move Cleaning Tips

  • 04.07.2018
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Relocating thru summertime is ideal according to a majority of people mainly because weather conditions are favorable for work as well as easy navigation. It’s a favorable time because one can do in-house cleaning such as getting rid of unnecessary belonging. Relocating during summer enables you to organize for a yard sale and have plenty of people showing up since the weather is favorable and it brings a good mood thus chances of selling more valuables are high. However, cleaning and packing all at once is very tasking and often most things are ignored thus bringing about a disorganized and hectic relocation experience. Below are things one should do while preparing for your relocation in the summertime.

Pre-Packing Cleaning

Categorize and Downsize

Many unused belongings surface while packing things in preparation for a move. Ensure you separate useful from unneeded items and label them as donate or to be sold, this prevents having to discard things upon reaching your new destination and help reduce the clutter.

Schedule a Garage Sale

The best time to hold a garage sale is during spring or summer, this is because people are often in a good mood and are walking around hence they will pop up in numbers to see what they can get from the garage sale. Unlike winter when the conditions are not favorable for strolls let alone the belongings in the snow.
Prepare and Sanitize Necessary Things
The first priority should be to make sure the stuff you are going to move with is spotless. Make sure you dust your bedding, laundry as well as gym equipment. This helps avoid contamination of the new location and also brings a calm, relaxing feeling that you are relocating to a home with hygienic stuff. After cleaning, pack categorically as you wait for movers to begin loading everything into the truck.

Post-Packing Cleaning

Get the Appropriate Cleaning Supplies

Acquire some cleaning provisions you may need to clean the entire house. Remember to carefully put them aside as you, might require them afterward. Keep disinfectants, baking soda, cleaning sponges, gloves, brushes. Wipers as well as a mop in easily accessible areas just in case you might need them.

Clean Room by Room

Categorizing your belongings according to the room they are from makes rearranging easier upon arrival. It also makes identifying what is where. Cleaning room to room enables you to clean thoroughly ensuring every spot is clean it also reduces the exhaustion of having to clean an entire house at once.

Dust, Wash, and Polish

Dust all items to ensure they are not packed with dust. Clean areas that may have collected dust over a period of time. Areas such as the top of shelves, lamp sheds, windows, and cabinets need to be wiped and polished before packing. This helps ensure stuff is clean when relocated.
Don’t Fail to Clean the Attic, Storage Rooms, and Garage
Don’t overlook cleaning every room including the garage, attic, plus storage rooms. When cleaning, make certain you pack everything in their respective cartons. Discard or recycle things that are rarely used, seek cleaning services to clean hard to reach places like small spaces or attic.

Clean the Floors Last

Once every section of the house is cleaned, the floor should be last to be polished. It is the last step after cupboards and cabinets have been dusted and everything packed and stashed away in one side while waiting for the movers. Once this has been done, relax and breath knowing all the work is done.

Get Assistance from Experts

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