How To Relocate Exercise Equipment 

  • 02.03.2018
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How to move a gymnasium device from your residence

It’s comfortable to owe a gym working out at home, but if you’re relocating, it might be tricky to take all the stuff in the new place. We all realize that the gym equipment and appliances is massive and weightily. But knowing certain steps you will keep all your equipment in good shape. Laval Long Distance Movers has provided the instruction below to help you understand safety while moving treadmills, elliptical machines, and weights to the new address.

Transporting a treadmill

Treadmills are one of the most popular exercise devices because of their ease to use and effectiveness in weight loss. However, since they weigh a few hundred pounds, moving them to another place requires you to plan carefully. Because treadmills differ from each other, it is advisable to refer to the manufacturer’s manual for special instructions. Follow these general steps if you can’t find a print or digital copy: Set the treadmill’s incline to zero and remove the safety key (be careful not to lose it!)

Unplug the treadmill from its power source

Fold the walking deck toward the console until it locks in place Tighten the knob or insert the locking pin to secure it (this will be different depending on the treadmill you have) To prevent damage, wrap moving blankets or furniture paper pads around the treadmill, the walls and the door frames (It is a good idea to pack the treadmill in its original carton if you still have it) Tilt the machine backward at about a 45-degree angle, slide a dolly beneath it, and then tie it down with rope Once it’s secure, tilt it toward your chest carefully and slowly push it forward Secure the treadmill in the moving truck with rope or ratchet straps to keep it from moving during transit

Note: If your treadmill doesn’t fold, you’ll need to either dismantle it into sections or have a friend help you carry it to the moving trailer.

Moving an elliptical machine

Even though elliptical machines offer another great way to work out, they can be hard to move due to their unique shape. Begin by disassembling it usually, they break down into four elements: the pedals, handlebars, base and main console. Wrap them separately in furniture pads, moving blankets, or foam wrap. Then, pack the parts in the original packaging or moving cartons. If you can’t dismantle the elliptical, follow these general steps: Protect the pedals and handlebars with rope or packing tape so that they don’t move when lifted Wrap it in a moving blanket to avoid damage Have a friend assist you lift and carry it to the moving truck (the stronger person should lift the front)

How to pack barbells, dumbbells, and weight plates

Weights come in various shapes and sizes. When packing lighter weights such as dumbbells or small weight plates, ensure you wrap each one in bubble wrap before putting them in smaller cartons. Don’t try to place all of them in one carton because it will be too bulky to lift and could cause damage. Fill any empty room with packing paper to ensure the weights don’t clink together. For heavier weights and barbells, wrap them in packing paper and put them directly on the floor of the moving truck. Remember to protect with straps or rope to keep them from shifting while transporting.

Packing an exercise bench

Similar to packing furniture, packing a workout bench requires you wrapping it in furniture pads or protective moving blankets and then load it into the moving trailer. Keep in mind to use rope or ratchet straps to fasten it.

Helpful tips

Despite the technique you decide to use to move your fitness machines, keep these helpful tips in mind: Take photos from all angles (this will make the reassembling process easier) Wear strong work gloves to protect your hands Keep small parts like screws and bolts well-organized in a labelled plastic bag use tape to attach it to the devices After reassembly, test each appliance carefully to ensure everything is properly connected

Need help moving your fitness machines?

Most fitness machine is massive, making it impossible to handle single-handedly. Planning to relocate with long distance Movers in Laval, you have the option of hiring the help of packers and loaders. Just contact us to set the move, and get a free online quote to see the cost of adding packers and loaders.


If you have any questions on how to move exercise machines, leave a comment below. We’re here to help!

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