Tips On Moving A Freezer

  • 30.01.2019
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Trying to relocate bulky appliances, while still looking for ways not to destroy floors can be difficult. It does not matter if the floor is laminate, carpeted, tiles or hardwood, it is crucial to haul the fridge cautiously to keep off scratches or tears to the flooring. Below are some great tips by Kensington Long Distance Movers that will give you an idea of how to go about this.

  1. Get measurements

So that you can be able to plan properly, measure the icebox and the trails and entryways. Sometimes one may find that they are too thin and they will need to look for another way to get it in. Having this done in advance will save a lot of time and energy come to the D-day.

  1. Prepare the item for relocation

After everything is in order, the next thing is to make sure the fridge is set for the relocation. Make sure that everything is removed and that it is cleaned. The best thing to do is to defrost it at least twenty-four to forty-eight hours before the D-day. Once it is clean and empty, secure the door to stop it from opening as it is being carried and also tape the power cord to the back.

  1. Wash the floors

Particles of grime on the floor can bring about friction, which further complicates the job. Washing them makes sure that the floor will not end up with scratches from small rocks and other particles. This will give you the opening to clean the area below the fridge as it is rarely taken care of.

  1. Use correct supplies

Before beginning the procedure, acquire all the equipment that will be used such as a dolly or a handcart. Going with the type of floor in the house, sometimes we recommend going for plastic flooring which is made to be a protective layering of the floors from bulky items when moving.

  1. Avoid pivoting or dragging

This is a sure way to spoil your floors. Alternatively, put down two subfloor panels perpendicular to the front of the appliance in front of the legs and then push it onto the panels. After it has been detached from the wall, raise it a bit on the side and then slide the moving hand truck under. Lastly, wrap a band around the center to secure the dolly.

  1. Ask for help

Moving such a heavy thing by yourself is dangerous as you can easily end up getting hurt. Getting a few of your friends and family members to come and will be safer and also make the job get done a lot quicker. If you cannot get them to assist, there is also the option of hiring proficient appliance movers to do the job. One might think that this is an added expense, but in the long run, you will come to see that it is less costly to hire experts that to end up paying for the repairs of the floors. Apart from that these moving crews have all the proper tools needed for a safe fridge haul.

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