Ideas On How To Have A Stress-Free Office Move

  • 14.09.2018
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Ideas On How To Have A Stress-Free Office Move

When it comes to boxing up your items for a move, you could either choose to do it yourself or have professional movers do it for you. If you decide to go with the first option, then there are some things you might have to think of. Even though moving from a house and an office is essentially the same process, it is more taxing to get ready for the office one. Below are some ideas by Kensington Long Distance Moving Service that will help reduce the anxiety that comes with relocating.

  • Get rid of any unnecessary items

As you pack, it will be an opportunity to go through everything that is in the office and sort out the stuff that is not needed. For documents, shred any old and unnecessary ones. For other office implements and things such as furniture, you could sell them to make some extra cash, or donate them to a local charity. The end goal is to declutter as much as you can so that the packing and moving can be made easier and faster.

  • Gather quality implements and supplies

Moving crews usually use their packing equipment when working with a client who has requested for their packing assistance. When doing it yourself, it is easy to get boxes, tape and even packing paper since they can be found at local stores. That being said, it is crucial to check that these boxes are in good shape so that they do not fall apart. For tape, get one that is heavy- duty or is made for commercial purposes to hold the boxes together properly.

  • Avoid overfilling the boxes

Putting everything into one box may seem like a good idea, but keep in mind that these need to be carried from the office to the truck, and back into the new office. Also, the more that you force things into the box, the higher the chance of it ripping open and scattering the items all over, and damaging some in the process. Remember to put the heavier boxes down and lighter ones on top, but check that they are both not too heavy. It is better to go for another trip than to end up damaging your belongings by placing them on top of each other.

  • Label the boxes

When packing the office stuff, make sure that every box has a label on it so that it is easier to know what is in each when you arrive at your destination. An alternative for writing down everything that is inside is to go with a color-coded way of labeling. For example, you can use red stickers for items that should be placed in the conference room, green for the break room, blue for your office, etc.

If you find that packing on your own is a hustle, then Kensington Long Distance Moving Company is the best bet for you. Contact Atlantic Coast Movers today and get a free quote.

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