Questions to Pose to Your Relocation Agency

  • 30.10.2019
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Relocating can be an exciting time since it gives most people a chance to start a new chapter in their lives. However, there is a lot that needs figuring out for the process to be carried out with as little hitches as possible. Even if you have changed homes before, you will most probably still need to conduct ample research on how to tackle the situation.

One of the most significant demands moves come with is singling out a relocating agency. With the recent boom in the moving industry, one has numerous Kamloops moving companies to choose from. Even though this stands as am advantage, it also makes it difficult for one to pick the right firm that suits their needs, especially if they do not know what to look out for in the process. Since these agencies operate with varying policies and prices, it is crucial to know the questions to pose so that you get the best deal possible. This piece points out some of the crucial queries to raise.

How Much Will I Pay in Accordance with The Weight of My Goods?

In a lot of instances, people forget to ask this question, which ends up denting their wallet a lot harder than they expected. A lot of relocating agencies still work with traditional policies of using the actual weight of goods to determine the price stated in the final quote. Therefore, when giving a price estimate, they will most probably use the size of your house as a gauging factor. In the case of a three-bedroom residence, they mostly state four thousand to five thousand pounds. However, in most cases, the weight spikes as high as seven thousand, five hundred pounds, which will only be found out once the trailer is loaded and weighed.

It is best to choose to cross Canada movers that use the size of the trailer as a measuring system rather than the weight of your possessions. Most three-bedroom homes require a twenty-foot truck which holds as much as ten thousand pounds. If you pay for this option, it does not matter how much the weight fluctuates as long as an additional truck is not needed.

Is Storage Necessary Before Delivery?

This option depends on you. Make sure that you confirm when you are required to vacate your current home and when you can move into your new one. If the dates do not correspond, you may need storage. Make sure you ask your chosen long-distance movers in Canada whether they offer the option so that you can make the necessary arrangements as soon as possible. If the service is not offered, choose a storage firm that operates in the area you are relocating to and have the goods delivered there.

Can My Relocation Be Complete Within Two Days?

Yes, it can. Such a short timeline is possible if you opt for a full-service package where the relocating crew not only loads and hauls your chattels but also organizes them in containers for you. However, if you feel like this timeline is too short, you can rent a moving container and have it with you for a month. That way, you can take your time with the packing and unpacking process since a lot of control is left in your hands.

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