Eco-Friendly Moving Projects in Canada

  • 08.11.2018
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Most people do not understand the impact that moves have on the environment, but all you need to do is consider the journey that trucks have to go on to deliver your items and the cardboard boxes that are carelessly thrown out once people are done with them. Statistics have it that over thirty-five Canadians relocate each year, which adds to the effects. Nonetheless, Halifax Movers have come up with some tips on how people can make sure that their move is environmentally friendly.

  1. Contract an Eco-friendly moving service

A lot of movers have noticed the growth in the ecological friendly moves, and so they have adjusted their services to fit this. For example, we offer recycling services to the people who hire us and can get the items you do not need to recyclers for you. We also get unopened, non-perishable food that you cannot take with you as you relocate and drop them off at Move for Hunger.

  1. Reduce, Re-use, Recycle

Start the eco-friendly process with you before even starting the move. One way to do this is to check that you only take with you what is needed. Throw away pointless objects, or bequeath them. You can also organize a yard sale to sell some items, which is also a good way of bringing in some extra cash that can be used for other aspects of the move. If you do not have the time for this, online platforms are also good places to sell from.

Take old TVs, computers, appliances and other electronics to Best Buy or other places in the area that recycle them. Just in case you have no idea where to find such a place, go to the Telecommunications Industry Association e-cycling website and search from there.

  1. Get creative

Search through the abode and get cases that you already have and have used before to keep your possessions in. For instance, one can select some objects and have them packed in suitcases and plastic bins. Another way to stay environmental friendly is to stay clear of purchasing bubble wrap, packing peanuts and other packing implements. Substitute these with towels, blankets, clothing, pillows, cushions, newspapers or even egg cartons.

If you find that you are still short of boxes, you can get some at office supply stores, bookstores, bars and restaurants, recycling centers and even online sites such as Craigslist. The good thing is that most of these places were planning on throwing the cartons out anyway and could consider giving them to you for free.

At the end of the move, remember to have all these boxes and implements re-used or recycled. Look for places to give them out to such as shipping stores. One can also take them to the nearest recycling center, and they will be taken care of.

  1. Green packing implements

To make sure that your move is completely eco-friendly, then we recommend using corn or wheat-based and biodegradable implements instead of the normal packing peanuts, foam wrap and tape to secure the containers. Once you are through with the moving, you can have them recycled by putting them in water and letting them dissolve.

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