Important Things To Know Before Hiring Long Distance Movers

  • 17.09.2018
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When planning a move, there are several things to note down before getting movers to assist in the process. These are good to know so that one can be empowered with the knowledge needed to make the best decision to prevent disappointments. Since the job of these moving crews is to transport people’s belongings from one place to another, it is easy to think that they are all similar. The truth is that there are some differences. Due to this, it is advisable to carry out thorough research, shortlist the companies that you feel work for you, then pick one that is the best fit. So that this process can be fruitful, Halifax Long Distance Movers suggest thinking of the following:

  • Over the phone quotes

Devoid of a list of what is in the home or office, and before seeing the number of things that need to be moved, it is difficult for any company to give their clients accurate quotes. Therefore, when contacting the moving crew you have picked to work with, it is advisable to give them a list of everything that needs to be transported or ask them to send someone over to check and go over all the items. This person will be able to carry out a complete assessment and then give you an accurate quote.

  • Requested Deposit

Certified and well-respected haulers sometimes ask their clients to pay deposits or any amount of money before the move. It usually works that they get the money after the items have been delivered. Giving cash before this is not recommended because sometimes if the moving company is a fake one, they could refuse to give you back your items, and make you pay extra to get them back.

  • No brick and mortar address

One important thing to note before hiring anyone is that they have a physical address. If a moving company only operates online, it can be difficult to know its authenticity since fraudulent ones can easily get away with scamming people by changing their names. Get a known moving company and secure safe transportation for your belongings.

  • Inflated packing prices

Good moving crews give additional services such as packing for their clients. Since most people prefer not to do the packing and have the moving crew do it, most of them end up hiking the cost of the service. Compare the different moving companies and how they price this and pick one that is affordable.

  • Hidden fees

If you are working with an honest and professional moving crew, they will have written down every detail in the contract, and there will be no surprises along the way. Nonetheless, some haulers are not as transparent and add in costs when delivering the final bill. Upon getting it, you will see that they have put in charges for using stairs, elevators, having to carry the items to a smaller truck in case the driveway is narrow, etc. Before committing to a firm, certify that all the expenses are properly listed and explained.

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