Grocery Shopping Before A Move

  • 19.11.2018
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No one wants to keep eating clumsily made sandwiches for all the meals before the moving date. It might seem impossible, but one can easily plan out how to finish any perishable food that they have in the house on the days leading to the relocation. All that you require is proper planning to make sure that the only thing that is left is oil, spices, rice, dry beans, canned foods and other dry foods that will not get spoilt and can be transported or donated.

If you find that there is lots of food left over, Halifax Cross Canada Moving Service recommends organizing a dinner party. Add in everything that you need to be gone, including drinks since they can spill and stain the other goods during the trip. Apart from inviting people over to help you finish the food, come up with a timetable with the ingredients that are left behind. Start by eating up fresh vegetables and other perishable foods, frozen items and anything else that is already opened. If you find that you need additional items to cook with, make sure you only buy enough for that one meal.

Donate food to nearby aid organizations

According to statistics, we waste over forty percent of the food we grow. Do not be part of this number, instead look for places where you can donate the food that is left over. If the D-day arrives and you find that your kitchen is still stocked up with perishable foods, pack it all and have it dropped off at a local food bank. Look for charities around your area as most of them will accept to take anything that is unused or unopened.

Halifax Cross Canada Moving Service aims to make this process easier for our clients as well. We work together with Move for Hunger to get to them any non-perishable, unopened foodstuffs that our clients have no idea what to do with. The plus is that we will do the delivery for you, all one needs to do is box them up.

Apart from that, you can also give some foodstuffs to your neighbors, friends or family members staying in the area.

Food for the moving day

Since by now you have done away with the food in the house, you need to think of getting healthy snacks for people to munch on as they carry out the move. Buy some fresh fruits and energy bars to keep everyone energized. Also, make sure that there is lots of water since carrying heavy objects leads to sweating, which can lead to dehydration.

Sticking to a grocery shopping schedule and following the above advice will help you check that there is enough food for the days before the move, as well as avoid the need to throw away lots of perfectly good food. When you are ready to relocate, give us a call, and our team of experienced movers will be there to assist you to have a stress-free relocation, as well as a smooth transition.

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