Handling Long Distance Moves With Children

  • 26.10.2018
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Going on a long distance relocation is not an easy task, and it becomes even more complicated when there are kids in the mix especially if they are still young. As an adult, you have mastered how to be patient and sit through such travels, but for them, you can be assured that they will get bored and restless. Nonetheless, there are ways through which one can make the process and the journey more comfortable for everyone, and Fredericton Long Distance Moving Service has listed a couple of them for you.

Have plenty of snacks

Since most individuals will have employed a crew of professionals to load and carry their possessions for them in their trucks, there should be enough room in the car to keep a cooler with fresh nibbles. These can be celery, peanut butter, raisins, apple wedges or carrot sticks. Depending on how much time you have before you have to be on the road, you could also make this meal prep a fun activity that the youngsters can join in as well. Nonetheless, check that they are all finger foods to avoid making a mess in the car and have things spilling and melting all over.

Carry items to keep them occupied

This means different things depending on how old the kids are. If they are slightly older, then having books to read will be perfect for them. Younger ones might lean towards books on tape, movies or educational apps on tablets, so make sure chargers are also kept in a place you can easily reach. Babies easily get bored with the toys they play with, so have some few extra pieces to exchange with for when they get tired of the ones they start with. Involve them in the preparation as well, like have them help pack the car, place blankets on the seats, and even pick which dolls, books, and crayons they would like to have.

Schedule the move during nap time

A lot of parents use this trick all the time, choosing to travel at night after the children have fallen asleep. This keeps them from feeling overwhelmed with the long journey and being cooped up in the car. All you need to do is to make sure that you have gotten enough rest since it is not advisable to drive while exhausted or sleepy. Pack plenty of water and some snacks for you as well.

Have some extra clothes

Changing into fresh clothes can easily make you feel refreshed and ready to continue with the journey ahead, especially during the summer when it is too hot, and you may end up sweating a lot. Also, if there is a stopover, it helps to begin the next travel day wearing different clothes. It is also advisable to have a bag of essentials with toothbrushes, disposable wipes, hand sanitizer and other toiletries for when you need to freshen up.

Make lots of memories

This can be a great bonding moment with the kids, so enjoy it. If the schedule allows for it, stop at landmarks or roadside attractions and take pictures and videos. Give a camera to the kids as well and let them take shots of their own. Planning a relocation with young ones don’t have to be a headache it is thought to be. With the right steps, you will all enjoy the trip.

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