Setting Up a New and Tidy Home

  • 07.03.2018
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In one of our previous articles, we discussed 5 awesome storage options for people who want less clutter and more organization. If you’re moving to a new home, provided by our Fredericton Long Distance Movers, we want to help you with setting up your new home, as well. Like the average homeowner, you likely have an abundance of stored tools and necessities either in your garage or other areas in general. The truth is, we cram organization and fixing all our junk until the last minute – and that would be moving.

The moving process itself is already stressful; so why make it more stressful? Going through the myriad of items, including toys, old books and newspapers, and other things are a headache. For most people, they don’t even want to think about decluttering – but, if you bear with us on this, we’ll make life much easier for you – the moving process and beyond. .

Here are a few things we recommend to make the moving process go faster regarding your stored items.


We all know that not everything in our garage is important; there’s some things worth keeping and other things we need to let go of. When it comes to moving, there’s going to be so many things you realized you had. Items that bring back memories and others that simply make you  happy are going to come in big numbers. Make a list of:

  • Things that absolutely need to be thrown out
  • Things that may need to be thrown out, e.g. old CDs, DVDs, clothes
  • Things you’re going to keep for certain, e.g. family photos

That middle part of the list will be the most difficult part of categorizing, because these are all the things that you still want to hold on to even though they may not be as important.

Start Easy

When you don’t know what to do with the countless number of old things in your garage, it’s easy to become stressed and worn out. We recommend you start with the easy stuff first: what needs to be thrown away or gotten rid of, and what stays with you when you move. When you categorize old items in the first category (the ones to throw away) make sure, if you decide to donate, do it as soon as possible. Don’t let your decision to donate linger – you want to get this task out of the way. Oh, I’ll donate these to new place when I get to my new home, you may think – don’t. There is no room for procrastination when it comes to the hectic process of moving.

Is it Necessary? Think

Oftentimes, the stack of items people keep are because they were gifts or awards. On the other hand, you may be holding onto gifts that you don’t even like – or they’re useless – so why keep it? Yes, we know what you’re thinking. I’m going to keep these because someone gave them to me! They’re special. If they’re not worth the time and space, you can donate them. This may sound cheesy, but you can take photos of all these items (if you really don’t want to keep them) and instead have digital space instead of physical. This will save you storage and time!

Recognize Emotions Associated with Items

There are lot of things people just can’t seem to let go and that could be you. Each item you pick it up, you realize you really don’t want to put in the Throw Out list or Donate list. You want to keep it because perhaps it brings back memories, joy…etc. However, if this is practically 99% of everything in your garage, you know you’re going to have let go of some stuff. Unless you’re contacting our Fredericton Long Distance Movers, these items stack up to a heavy burden for you load up and carry with you to your new home.

If You Decide to Keep Everything…

If you do decide that you just can’t donate, take pictures of those gifts, or simply throw things out, then it’s ultimately up to you. It’s not a terrible thing to keep a lot of things under your sleeve – it’s just stressful considering all the time to move them and dust them, etc. Recognize the amount of time and effort it will go into moving everything. Finally, make sure you categorize and at least put them in the least-cluttery way possible.

Cheer Up

Chances are, you’re a bit disappointed to have thrown out all these things. Plus, the moving process is always a stressful step. Remember to take breaks and just sit down and relax. Think about even hiring someone to move all this stuff for you like our Fredericton Long Distance Movers. The most important thing to remember is that you’re starting a new life; a new journey. That doesn’t mean you have to erase a lot of stuff from your life, like those items from your garage, but it means cheer hopeful! Those clothes you ‘should’ve’ kept? Think about it; it probably made someone, less fortunate, even happier! The reward of hanging up new portraits, making a new room for yourself – that should be equal to all the stressful decluttering you had to do. And even more noteworthy? It was probably worth it.

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