Relocating to College

  • 03.06.2019
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Canada sees millions of students graduate every year from high schools across the country, and a large percentage of them proceed to colleges and universities. This country also holds a reputation of having one of the finest education systems, which makes it a top destination for students from other countries across the globe.

Being a college student comes with the possibility of relocating from your family home. Any move, even one that is to college, comes with its own set of challenges that make the process stressful for most. On average, most colleges provide about one hundred and thirty square feet in dorm rooms, and in some cases, they are shared. It is crucial to know everything that you are required to take with you. Below we classify some essentials into various categories.

  • Clothing

Relocating to university presents the perfect chance to sift through your wardrobe and get rid of any pieces you no longer need. Arrange the clothes in separate piles of what you would like to keep and what you would not. Consider the climate of your new location also to determine whether you’ll need to carry any seasonal clothes. Anything that does not make the cut can either be put on sale or given away.

Among the clothes you are taking with you, make sure you have enough T-shirts, shorts, socks, underwear, trousers, and pajamas. When it comes to shoes, ensure you have articles that are suited for different occasions such as boots for winter and sandals for summer.

Aside from clothes, it is advisable to carry practical accessories such as hats and sunglasses. Some hangers would also come in handy for storing clothes in your dorm room closet.

  • Toiletries

The bathroom kit should kick off with essentials like toothpaste, floss, toothbrush, soap, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, and lotion. This list can be longer to include items that meet your particular needs. In most colleges, bathrooms are shared among several people. Therefore, make sure you bring a bathrobe and some flip flops with you. Nail clippers, razors, hair dryers, and makeup products can also come in handy.

  • Supplies for school

Most people have had all they needed from kindergarten to high school bought by their parents. In college, however, you’ll most probably have to take the wheel in the purchase of supplies. Some of the basics in this category include pens and pencils, scissors, tape, notebooks, sticky notes, a planner, and a ruler, among others. Thanks to the massive strides made in technology, you can forego the purchase of several of these items such as a planner and sticky notes since they can be downloaded on smartphones and tablets as apps.

  • Electronics

A PC is an essential part of college studies and should be included in your luggage. Ensure you carry the necessary chargers for the device along with those for phones and tablets. A printer, microwave, coffee pot, and fan are other appliances you can invest in but are not necessary to have.

As you purchase and organize everything you need for college, ensure you consider turning to the services of expert movers depending on the size of your relocation. East Coast Movers in Amherst are here to help you out despite the distance of your relocation.

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