How to Handle the Complexities of an Apartment Relocation

  • 10.01.2018
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As much as hunting for a new apartment can be thrilling, the relocation affair can come with a lot of nerve-racking responsibilities. When the activities that come with this process are not handled properly, the stress can end up erupting on the big day, causing even more trouble. However, Dryden Long Distance Movers have handled enough relocations to know how to counter all the issues you are bound to meet along the way, and here are some:

  • Get free of charge containers

The relocation operation is quite a costly affair, and you need to try and save as much as you can in all possible areas. One of the ways you can do this is by looking around for free boxes. The best places to go knocking are your local liquor and grocery stores, or any other place you know gets their items in boxes and trash them afterward. Additionally, some movers who have already completed their relocation give away their containers for someone else to use, so also check online. However, be keen to check if the containers are still in good condition and can hold your belongings for the long haul.

  • Let your attires remain on hangers

Removing your clothes from hangers will require you to allocate additional time and organizing equipment to pack the two articles separately. Consider putting all your clothes in a stack with the hangers still on, and prevent them from shifting by using a rubber loop or a zip tie. Proceed to place them in a plastic wrap or trash bag to prevent any dirt from getting to them.

  • Use colored labels or stickers

Not knowing the designated room for each container is probably among the most stressful situations you can face once you arrive at your destination. Assign a color to every room in your house and use corresponding marker pens or stickers to label the containers holding the items from each respective room.  For instance, you can go for green for the living room and blue for the bathroom.

  • Encase your furniture

Disassembling your entire furniture will not be necessary. Just go for the areas that are oddly placed or may interfere with the placement of other items in the relocating vehicle. Ensure you have adequate old blankets or sheets to protect the surface of your pieces from minor damage.

  • Use towels and sheets as cocooning tools

When organizing, substitute cushioning materials for delicate pieces such as picture frames and glassware with towels and sheets. That way, you will also be saving on the organizing materials you would use to put your linen.

Prior to beginning this entire process, sift through your accoutrements and decide what should come with you and what should not. Listing the important belongings will help you save on the organizing equipment purchase as well as space in your new place.

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