Things to Pack in the Car during Cross Country Moving

  • 14.02.2022
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Relocating in to another place is usually scary and exciting. Long distance moving often gives us stress but it can be filled of new escapades and memorable experiences that we can keep in our hearts. Asking help to professionals will give a smooth and easy moving project changing our perspective in moving blues.

Atlantic Coast Movers is offering different kind of services that customer needs like moving long distance to Moncton or Charlottetown, province to province moving, cross-country moving even storage facilities and car shipping! We have been executing excellent work for years and we are in the list of Top Canada movers who have been serving the people with their highly experience team especially the long distance movers. However there are certain work that requires personal attention and physical handling of the clients to avoid future personal problems and chaos during unpacking and settling in the new home! We compile some beneficial tips to be pack in your car during transit in your new location.

Spare car keys

  • make sure that you have the spare key of your car in your wallet or in your body bags. Conflicts and accidents might happen along the road that are out of our control but being prepared to that situation saves us from the misery that it can bring to us. It is better to look ahead and prepare than to look back and regret!

Travel bags with personal clothes

  • ensuring that you have an extra emergency clothes in your car releases you from the stress once you are in to the new home. Whether you will arrive in the house earlier than your stuffs form the moving company or not it is better that you have clean clothes to wear for a day or two. Pack the clothes that you need according to your need.

Blankets and Pillows

  • cross country moving usually spends hours travelling on the road. Having some pairs of pillows and blankets in your car will give you comfort. Those family with kids need to have these stuffs to give comfortable feeling to them during the transit avoiding dramas and quarrels between them because they are sleeping.

Personal Hygiene Kit

  • Whenever we are travelling, whether it is family outing, camping and going to other country we always bring our hygiene kit with us. So this kit should also be in your car! Make sure to put additional plastic wrap to shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothpaste and gel to avoid unnecessary spill in the kit bag. Having a decent shower and bath in your new house while waiting your stuffs provide additional relaxation and energy to your body!

Essential food and beverages

  • remember that this is a long distance drive and you might get hungry along the way, prepare your cool box and put food like fruits and vegetables. Sandwiches, crackers and breads will also save you from hunger. Do not forget water, some fruit juices and coffee in can for your beverages.

Bag for cleaning materials

  • moving in time of pandemic changes everything in people’s lives. Make sure to have some extra face mask and alcohol in your car.  Even though how hard we try not to mess in the car chances are still it happens so having extra tissues, hand towels, sanitizers and other cleaning materials will save you from stressing out on the road. Moreover, once you arrived in the house you will surely need to disinfect the place to guarantee that it is clean for you and your family.

Music playlist

  • having a good music in the background while driving makes you feel relax and comfortable. Just in case there will be dead spot along the way and you cannot use internet, download music playlist in Spotify or  in memory card so you play all the music that you like most keeping you alive and boosting your energy while driving.

First aid box

  • do not forget the first aid kit to put in your car. It is crucial for it can save life in times of trouble. Furthermore, because of this pandemic it always better to be prepared for things like medicine, thermometer and sprays.

Car tools

  • even you check your car prior to the transit always keep in mind to have the safety tool box for your car. Unfortunate events might happen but if you are prepared you can fix the problem in a short period of time as well as asking help to professionals.

Waste bin

  • after long hours of driving in to your new house, trash will be left in your car. Clean the car and collect the trash and segregate it in a trash bin so you can dispose it properly. Also, you will probably use it while unboxing and unpacking your boxes from the moving company.

Yes! you can pack your things and move by your own but it will be more convenient if you will hire moving companies that will provide you the guidelines, planning instruction and even assist you for all of the things you need to prepare, set up and arrange prior to the date of your move. Remember that planning is the first step and crucial part in moving and having professionals like Atlantic Coast Movers at your back ease the burden and stress that is waving at you!

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