Ways To Know The History Of A Home

  • 02.11.2018
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Be it a hundred- year old home, or a contemporary new abode, all houses come with a history. Through going through their pasts, one will be able to know who stayed there before or what it was used for, as well as its architectural history. As well as give you a good story, it also helps you know if any changes need to be done to preserve it. Below are eight ways by Charlottetown Movers in Canada that will help you know the history.

  1. The National Registry of Historic Places

Just in case you are uncertain as to if the house is an official historical one, you can check at The National Registry of Historic Places. This usually has a list of houses that are registered and set to be historic because of their age and architectural design.

  1. The realtor

Before getting settled, inquire from the realtor about the history of the place. They will have helpful information such as if the place has any significant historical meaning. Sometimes, if the home is in a historic district, there could be some rules regarding the exterior look and how to help keep the neighborhood looking the way it does.

  1. Get old census records

This will give you the names of the families who resided there before as well as how old they were, birth states, year of immigration, marriage status, and occupation. Nevertheless, not all of this information may come from the census.

  1. Go to the local library, historical society or preservation foundation

Local libraries may have everything on the home from documents to pictures. To find out, we recommend getting in touch with the local library and scheduling an appointment to go and have a look at what they may have in their archives. One can also visit a local history society or preservation center. Most of these places keep photographs, host exhibits and many more.

  1. Look through the abode and yard

The rooms in the house, and also the yard may give some idea about the history of the place. Look for architectural styles, plaques, buried objects, wallpapers, and décor, and also the age and design of the floors. Some personal clues might be there as well such as things belonging to the previous owners.

  1. Carry out a title search

If you want to know who stayed at the house before, it is as simple as carrying out a title search. These searches go through tax records and give a list of home purchasers who have legally owned the property since it was built. From this, as a buyer, you will be able to know if the person selling it is the owner or a fraud.

  1. Read books on the place

You could be lucky enough to find some good books written about the history of the city. One can go to The History Press, which publishes local history books all over the country. Also, check bookstores both local ones and at the airport. Just in case none of these work, you could as well check online.

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