Effective Packing Tips to Help in Moving Across the Country

  • 01.05.2018
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It is a collective agreement that packing and planning are the most demanding tasks while relocating. As a result, this article covers clues to observe as you pack for a within-the-country move.

The Packing Timeframe

The period taken to pack depends on your house size. It is significant to begin the process early; at least six weeks to the move-out date. Thisallows sufficient time to decide which belongings to pack and those to get rid of.

A mover will give estimated packing time if you opt for their service. For instance, Channel-Port aux Basques long distance movers take an average of three hours in a single bedroom apartment and four hours in a double bedroom home.

Choosing the First Items to Pack

Most people get shocked when they realize that they have many items in their house. Nonetheless, selectingitems to packis an easy job when you have identified the must-have necessities and decluttered junk objects. Besides, the period you will be out (for a temporary move) affects the items to pack. For example, you might consider your off-season clothes, books, albums, and storage units for a four-week out.

Packing Dishes

These appliances need extra care during the packing. The commonly used packing supply is a cardboard box. Before packing, wrap the dishes in packing pads. Ensure the box is filled up to prevent movements of your dish that can cause breakages.To guarantee maximum safety, place heavy utensils at the bottom; glasses packed upright; plates placed on their sides.

Packing Pictures

Pictures are packed in special boxes. They come in different sizes for specific frame sizes. Spread packing papers at the bottom of the box. Next, stuff the box with pictures to limit picture shifts during shipping. Position the box with your pictures facing up in the truck.

Packing Shoes

Shoes are among the belongings to pack before the move-out. Start by separating the shoes into bundles before cleaning and drying them. Before placing the shoes inside a packing box, stuff them with packing papers to maintain their shape. Then, tape and label the package.

Packing Shirts

Correct shirts packing prevents wrinkles on the shirt. First, identify a dry and spacious bag. The bags should be clean as well. Roll or fold the clothes carefully and stuff them in the bags. Ensure that the bags are not over-filled as it might cause wrinkles.

Packing Books

To maintain the shelve life books, observe proper handling method when packing. Start earlier and use smaller boxes. After filling the boxes with books, double tape the boxes to keep their contents in position.

Packing TV

Of course, a TV set requires special care as you pack. Use the TV’s original purchase box to pack the set for moving.Consider taking pictures of the system before unplugging so that plugging back will be easier after unpacking. Besides, seek someone to help in unmounting a huge set from the wall.

The same token of care should be observed when packing other valuables like lamps, jewelry, and glassware.

Ultimately, adequate preparation is the key to an efficient across-the-country move. Coupled with extra care, the process is surely an enjoyable task.

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