Transporting A Mattress When Relocating

  • 18.07.2018
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It may seem like a stress-free task. However, there is a wrong way to do it Through years of experience in a relocation industry, Caledonia ON long distance moving service has faced a lot of challenges as well as witnessed mistakes people do while relocating. We, therefore, saw the need to educate people on errors to evade during such events:

Doing It Yourself

Employing movers may seem costly, though, some folks find it appropriate to move their foam mattresses alone rather than pay some individuals to do so at a fee. It requires some equipment knowledge and skills as well as an extra set of hands.

Laying It On Its Side

Remember that foam mattresses are normally made of padding and laying them on the side subjects it to a move in padding and it accumulating lumps on one side thus losing its shape. This can be prevented by laying the foam bed flat as it should while on the bed.

Leaving It Uncovered

Failure to cover the foam mattress exposes it to stains, dust, bugs or even mildew while on transit. It’s advisable to cover it with good quality plastic cover to protect it from obtaining stains.

Correct Van for All Sized Mattress

Select the appropriate vans for the task to avid chances of it not fitting, or else it may force you to either fold it which could deform of the mattress, besides, leaving it hanging at the edge of the car can bring problems on road. It’s hence advisable to consider its the length and width of the before selecting the van since it will be positioned lying flat.

Other Alternatives to Consider

  • Getting another mattress- to escape the burden of transporting it, you can discard the old one and purchase a new one upon arrival to avoid the hustle of moving it.
  • Hire experts- Specialists take care of such problems where you will not have to move a muscle. They’re aware of the steps and precautions that are to be taken in order to make sure you don’t destroy the mattress.
  • Appoint furniture specific movers in case you cannot afford to employ whole package home movers. They are gaining popularity and can be found online.
  • Send it as a package through a shipping company, as much as it can be costly, it cannot compare to getting another one.

When moving a mattress by yourself ensure you have the right materials for the move, be equipped with work gloves. Tapes, straps, duct tape, scissors, plastic cover for the mattress as well as an extra pair of hands could be from family or friends. Choose a rope that’s strong enough to strap it in the middle of your car while on transit. Ensure it’s is well secure and will not move during conveyance. Drive slowly to avoid any accidents because it’s possible that it could block your view. Ask a friend to drive with you this way they can help when anything goes wrong.

Upon arrival ensure your house is clutter free and clean and the beddings are easily accessible this will give you an easy time assembling the bed. Take caution when unwrapping the plastic protection from the mattress to evade any accidents or damage.

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