Dealing with Kids During Your Move

  • 23.02.2018
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If you’re moving with family, this can be very stressful and complex especially dealing with children. So, how do you keep your kids happy and peaceful during the long trip? Whether you’re doing a cross country move or a in-state travel, don’t overlook the importance of dealing with your children during the travel. It may be hard to overlook this as you are dealing with the multitude of other things including packing, lifting, and the stress of moving. Remember, our Brookfield long distance moving company is always here to help out so you can focus on other things like dealing with your kids.


Is your move a cross-country one or a local trip? Also, are you traveling by car or plane? These are crucial questions to consider when knowing how to keep your children busy during the road trip. A local move is obviously less difficult but it’s vital to have a plan in any circumstance. If you’re traveling across the country, plan your days as weeks. That’s a bit of exaggeration but kids, no matter what age, are fussy and they’re hard to please. Have a variety of plans set out so when one dies, another one will replace it.


Again, as our Brookfield long distance movers is always available, we recommend you hire professional help so you save the stress for your travel. You’ll have to do a lot of planning for your trip. As far as the activities, plan a variety: board games, mobile games, brain games, and even coloring for your children. Set aside a few of their favorite toys so they’re occupied.

We also suggest you have movies available. Most planes offer the option of having a screen for movies and your car might even have one. If not, movies from your mobile devices will pass a lot of time for your kids. Just three movies are at least 3 and a half hours. We also know how hard it is to deal with older kids. Most of the time, devices keep them occupied until of course, they die or run out of battery. Make sure they understand just how long this trip is so there’s less complaints and surprises. That way, they can prepare themselves what to expect and how to prepare.

Prepare other necessities, too including blankets and snacks (comfort food!). Less time to stop for food or meal breaks means getting to your destination faster.


When you arrive to your new home, we’re sure you’ll be taking a sigh of relief as you stretch out your legs and finalize your responsibilities. But the priorities don’t halt. If you’ve hired professional movers such as our Brookfield long distance company, they’ll be unpacking your items for you and you’ll likely be occupied still. So, where does that leave your kids? We suggest, if they’re old enough, to help you out. You’ll likely be showing your kids around to their new room and such, so you should definitely have them start organizing and making their room ‘pretty’.

Don’t stress too much about the whole moving process. It’s impossible not to stress but not impossible to be prepared and efficient. Make sure your kids (as well as you) are prepared for the long travel and the relocation part. You can also check out our article on how to tell your kids the news about moving.Check it out and good luck!

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