Five Home Storage Aspects Guaranteed To Be On Most Home Buyers Wish List

  • 08.05.2018
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Baby boomers had/have the tradition of keeping things in storage if they may need it later. This leads to them stockpiling things that would otherwise be trash. Millennials and Generation X are however going against the grain. These two are the biggest home-buyers now, and they are not big fans of clutter. Due to this, they prefer to keep their stuff where they can easily get to them but is out of sight, so they pick storage spaces as opposed to keeping them in boxes in the house.

The National Association of Home Builders carried out a survey through which they discovered that having a place to keep things was one of two main things on new homebuyer’s wish lists. However, they are not requesting for additional sheds and bigger attics, but are looking for areas that give a systematized, easy to get to space for all their things.

Below is a list put together by Brockville long distance movers showing which storehouse features home buyers are on the look for.


For people who have kids and animals, clutter begins at the door. This is because bags, clothing items, shoes and muddy boots and sports stuff gather. Building a mudroom prepares for, and affords a way to get rid of all the mess- it gives an interim area between outside and inside while adding a place to put all these things.

Walk-in pantry

These two generations very much prefer making home cooked food. Pea-pod and ORC International had a survey which concluded that seventy-two percent made home food at least four nights a week in the past year, with over a third of them planning to do so too this year. So it, therefore, validates the need to have an area where they can keep their ingredients.A walk-in pantry is an efficient way to house stuff from kitchen equipment, ingredients,and even cleaning equipment.

Closet space

A closet can make a big difference between houses packed with clutter and clean ones. Without closet space, people end up putting their clothes and shoes in the extra bedrooms. People buying homes require closet areas, particularly ones situated in places like linen closets, walk-in closets in the main bedroom and one near the front door.

Garage storage

The survey by NAHB also researched that having a garage was also part of what home-buyers were looking for. Eighty-six percent of them noted it as very preferable, with a third saying it is a must-have. A couple of them are even on the hunt for one that can fit at least three cars, not for the cars, but also as storage. Compared to sheds and buildings that are built outside, Brockville long distance movers agree that garages are better because you can get to them easily.

Laundry room

Ninety-two percent of people looking for houses, going beyond all ages, stated that having a laundry room was a big need. Such a place is the ideal place to keep clean laundry, and dirty clothes too. You could also add in a place to iron from, and lines for clothes that will need to be line-dried.

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