How to Conduct Utility Turnover to Your New Place

  • 26.01.2018
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Relocating is a milestone most of us have to face at some point in our lives. Even with all the pain involved in the process, we try to minimize the complicated areas as much as possible. One of the processes that need your attention during this time is changing water, electricity and cable services. Not handling this task well could end up in you footing bills that you shouldn’t or receiving no services at your new place. Avoiding all this is dependent on good communication and doing the switch in good time. Bridgewater Long Distance Movers has some tips to help you minimize the stress of changing your services.

Ascertain Dates

Establish the exact dates when your services will be canceled at your current home and activated at your new one. This may sound like quite a simple task to accomplish, but in the confusion of relocation, it is the small things that get left out. Therefore, plan to have this done at a specific time, and decide when you want them started up at your new place and withdrawn from your current home.

Clear Bill Residues

Request to know about any fees you are yet to clear before you proceed to cancel your utilities. You do not want to be met by unpaid fees at the last minute which could interfere with the whole cancellation process. Additionally, keep in mind that some utility agencies incur charges to activate services. Therefore, ensure such small fees are included in your financial plan.

Have your account Info Handy

Time is a crucial factor when relocating, so the last thing you want to do is waste any of it because you cannot find the necessary information about your account. Once you confirm your relocation, ensure you keep such crucial documents in a specific place so that you do not waste time getting what you need when you need to contact the necessary agencies.

Jot Down the Meter Readings on the Big Day

Having the reading that is there when you are leaving for your new home will help you know whether your final fee is only until your last day at the house. If the charges are higher than what they should be and you had canceled the service, you will have the accurate numbers to know whether they have mistakenly overcharged you. That way, you can have the fees revisited and the correct bill sent to you.

Ensuring that the turnover of your services is done in good time and accomplished correctly will take off some load of your back during this challenging time. Make sure that the service change days are placed conveniently in accordance with your relocating calendar, and that your communication with the relevant agency is accurate. Doing so will help you avoid lacking utilities at your new home or paying for some you did not use at your old home after you leave. Keep in mind to record meter readings before you embark on the road.

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