Three Terrible Relocation Stories

  • 09.05.2018
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It is no secret that relocating can be a huge pain in the neck, and if it goes sideways, everything always seems to fall apart. Brampton moving service had a chat with three individuals who shared with us the stories of how their hauls went wrong.


“I once had a conversation with a lady who had a lot of furniture, which included am armoire which happened to be a family keepsake. She was completely detailed with the crew she hired on how they should take care of the armoire. The lady was so anxious that she had an additional run back to the previous house to be at ease.”

“The first thing she saw when she got there was one of the crew members leaning on it while resting. He had even placed a bunch of cups on top. On seeing her, the worker got up so quickly that one of the back panels got knocked out and the coffee poured!”

“The lady then complained about the piece being damaged and getting coffee rings. Finally after everything the team refused to move her stuff and just went, leaving her unsure of what to do next as she had no other alternative.”


“A young couple shared with me their moving experience from their haul a couple of years past. They were completely prepared for everything, but when the company they had hired arrived, they had no equipment with them for dismantling. When the couple asked the reason for this, the guy’s response was “Sorry, looks like we cannot unbolt anything. What else is going?”

“The husband decided to go to Walmart to buy a whole bunch of equipment with his own money. He got back to the house,and the moving crew dismantled their things and loaded them up, and went to their new house.”

“On arrival, they found that the tools had been forgotten in the first house. So the husband drove back all the way to get them while their belongings were being removed from the trucks. Only after his return did the crew reconstruct the furniture and complete the job.

“Later on, after everything did they realize that the movers carried the tools when they went!”


“A woman contacted me some time back, and she wanted to get some items stored and remove some others to take back to the house. So she went on to Craigslist and got some people who came and got her things.”

“She chilled at the storage unit for hours, without hearing a peep from the movers. Later, she gets a phone call,and it’s the guys asking her for five hundred dollars,or they won’t give her her stuff!”

“The woman contacted law enforcement, who then began looking for the haulers. Meanwhile, she gave us a call,and after telling her story, she got Brampton moving service to carry the rest of the stuff from storage to her house. I never got to know if the police captured the men, or if her things got back to her”

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