Tips for an Ecological Move

  • 26.07.2018
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It’s essential to be answerable to our environment, not only for our own safety but also for the sake of our kids in the future. It is hence the importance to avoid depletion of natural resources and maintain an ecological balance while relocating.

A sustainable move is one that considers the use on non-biodegradable, environmentally friendly means to ensure to complete relocation process. Its relocation by means of ensuring this exciting moment of your life does not impact negatively on the environment.

How to Make Your Move More Sustainable

A lot of items are usually wasted or even recyclable during a transfer. It’s hence crucial to consider these items in order to ensure they do not impact negatively on the environment by reducing the number of things that get discarded in the landfill.

This can be done by borrowing some of the cardboard boxes from online resources instead of buying new ones. This will help save on energy that would be used to manufacture new stuff. After relocating you can post them to these sites in order for someone else in need to utilize them. Foodstuff and utilities that remain prior to the move these unopened, nonperishable foods can be utilized by donating them to hunger organizations and this can be used to feed the hungry and drive out hunger.

Tips from Experts


Create a list of everything you own and are planning to relocate with, carefully selecting those that are useful and things to be discarded. Options such as hosting a garage sale or selling things online as well as donate them to self-help groups and other organizations. Downsizing is crucial because it ensures you only take with you that which you need and give to those who lack or need the things more. This helps avoid having a surplus which is normally a sign of wastage of resources.

Moving Crates

This is a sustainable way to ensure you consider the environment because moving crates are recyclable and can be used in other ways besides packing things while relocating. Besides this, things such as suitcases and laundry baskets can be used as packing alternatives since they can be repurposed for some other uses.

Recycle Boxes

Do not always discard the cardboards that are used after relocating. They can come in handy while planning another move not only to you but also to your friends who are planning a move. This will reduce moving expenses as well as save the environment by reducing the number of wastes we emit. Additionally, the cardboard can be used to store other things in the house as well as be used by kids to play.

Use Green Packing Material

Avoid using non-biodegradable packing materials that can be harmful to the environment. Adopt recyclable and biodegradable packing peanuts, newspapers and towels that can be used to pack boxes without having excess trash. When cleaning your new house in readiness for occupation avoid using products that emit toxic chemicals such as phosphorous, ammonia and nitrogen, this reduce pollution during your move.

Compact Packing

Putting things closely together helps to ensure no excess space is left hence one uses less packing materials. This not only limits the number of boxes used in packing but also reduces the number of trips to be made thus reducing the amount of fuel being consumed.

To have a more sustainable move its crucial to hire professionals who understand ways to conduct sustainable relocations. Bradford Long Distance Movers understand ways to make your move cost-effective and will employ the necessary measures to ensure little resources are used and environments friendly measures are taken.

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