Tips on Moving your Wine Cellar

  • 27.07.2018
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If you are an avid wine drinker, installing a wine cellar in your house makes sense. However, it becomes difficult to move them when it’s time to move to a new house or relocate them. In order to maintain the quality of your wine, it’s important to be vigilant about how they are handled and packed during transfers. A box of wine bottles is heavy to carry hence one has to consider the type of package to use as you do not want to use a box that is not strong enough or adds on to the weight of the box.

When planning for a move it’s important to communicate with your movers on their policies when it comes to moving Wine, because some of them do not offer such services. Careless handling of the bottles not only leads to damage but can also affect the composition of the wine thus changing its taste. It is, therefore, crucial to be present when the movers are loading them onto the truck for closer supervision.

There are several preparatory tips one has to consider before deciding to transfer your wine collection.

Appropriate Packing

Wine bottles are mostly put in corks which when dry can lead to them being dry and risk opening. Therefore, ensure these cartons are well labeled clearly showing the side they should face.

Bottle Shock

It’s crucial to ensure you do not open your bottles immediately upon arrival. This is because the bottles are usually subjected to a lot of shaking while in transit. Hence It’s advisable to let the bottles settle for a while before enjoying your wine.

Temperatures and Weather

Some wines are sensitive to change in temperature. Ideally, wine should be kept in temperatures between 45 to 57 degrees Celsius and humidity levels between 65% to 75% which can be tricky to maintain when relocating. A major change in temperatures or humidity causes a change in the wine chemistry thus affecting its taste. It is, therefore, wiser to plan a move during a time of the year when the weather is favorable if not choose packages that will not be affected by the surrounding environment.

Appraisals and Insurance

Ensure you fill out an inventory form to make your over easily identify the more expensive wine in order for them to take extra caution or provide extra protection and are replaced in the event that they get spoilt. When planning to move your wine ensure you have a surveyor or wine appraiser who will check the amount of wine you have and their worth. Upon knowing the value of your collection it’s advisable to have insurance for through your mover to ensure they are covered in case of any damage.

Hire Qualified Movers

If you treat your wine like valuable jewelry be sure to have professionals who understand the value of expensive materials. Bracebridge cross country moving company is well equipped with a team of qualified personnel as well as a temperature controlled truck where your wine will be transported to the desired temperature. We have sophisticated packing material as well as well trained and knowledgeable staff that will ensure your wine gets to the desired location intact. Not only will we not drink your wine but will ensure they arrive on schedule at a pocket-friendly price.
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