Pointers For Living In A Multi-Generational Home

  • 26.04.2018
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Living essentially becomes more comfortable and a lot more conducive when it is experienced with others. Just ask anyone who comes from a home with people of different ages. This, however, may feel crowded and suffocating for some people.

It is no secret that this living arrangement comes with its specific set of ups and downs. When people of different ages stay together, keeping things just how you want or like them may be a difficult task.

Bible Hill NS Long Distance Moving Service has some ideas on how you can upgrade your house to take care of everyone’s needs.

  1. Home Lighting

Not everyone will be comfortable with the amount of light in the rooms. Some may feel like it is too bright, while for others it will be too dark. This is where smart lighting systems come into play. In place of the old bulbs that use a lot of volts, these are fitted with LED light sources which makes them function efficiently compared to the incandescent bulbs. You can also fix them to the requirements of every member of the household, giving them remote access to them through a phone application. From here, the older guys can dim down the lights, and the younger ones can make them bright and flashy for something like a party.

You do not even need many of these bulbs because just a few of them ensure the work gets done. For more efficiency, the lighting systems can be paired with a smart home hub which can be found in a hardware shop or from your internet provider. Joining them to the hub, and its partner mobile app gives you unrestricted control over your lights from wherever you are.

  1. Security Systems for Everyone

Nowadays, smart home security systems do not require new wiring, and they normally operate with a similar phone app. This is convenient for regular security notifications which are vital, and it also makes it easier to handle system security for everyone.

Unlike older home security systems whose installation was cumbersome and had fewer features, these modern ones can be set to activate automatically when one exits the home and deactivate when a paired smartphone or any other device is in the room. They can be used by everyone, despite their age, in the following ways:

  • Pair the home security system to the smart locks and give the children their own special code to input. Through this, you can get a real-time alert on your phone for when they get home from school, and you are not around. This also makes sure that no false alarms go off and scare them
  • Just in case you are out of town for a job, you can still remotely check what is being dropped off at your house all the way from your hotel room. You can get alerts on your phone just in case the motion sensors are triggered.
  • Have the older people living with you go with their smartphones whenever they step out of the house. This is because they probably won’t be able to remember long passwords or how to operate any other complicated technology.
  1. Smart Speakers

Upgrading your speakers will probably be the best part of this whole process. Everyone, no matter their age, loves music. However, this music will definitely vary with the different generations. Using smart speakers, you can get classics to listen when you are having some family time, and get your own music when you are on your own.

Most of the modern speakers are equipped with voice assistant, direct streaming from mobile phones and some also offer whole-house syncing that either plays the same music in every room or different music depending on who is in the room at a given time. Having smart speakers put in will transform your living room and make it where everyone wants to be.

Bible Hill NS Long Distance Moving Service encourages everyone living in such a home to plan around everyone, making all ages feel comfortable. Think about how some of these things can also bring the whole family closer together, while still giving each individual room to be themselves.

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