Relocating in Wet Weather

  • 25.07.2018
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Relocating takes a lot of planning and organizing which may at times fail to go as planned. Choosing a moving date is one of the most challenging aspects of relocating. This is because one has to choose a date that will not interrupt with their work schedule and also has good weather that way your items will not be susceptible to damage caused by bad weather. Despite carefully considering such factors, it’s still possible for the rains to ambush you regardless of having done the weather analysis. It is, therefore, safe to be prepared in order to make your move manageable.

Utilize your Garage

If you have a garage it’s important to use it in the event that it starts raining. The garage comes in handy in that you can pack all your stuff in the garage and drive the truck all the way to the garage entrance. This way, things can be loaded without getting into contact with the rains, It also reduces the distance of carrying heavy equipment to and from the truck thus avoiding accidents such as slipping that could occur from the wet floors.

Temporary Cover

In the case where you do not have a garage and a truck to pull close to the exit, then you can put a cover to shield your property from the rain. Erecting a tent on the pavement is also a technique one can use to prevent your items from getting wet during loading.

Use of Plastic

Plastic comes in handy since its waterproof. To protect your items from getting wet you can pack them in plastic containers with lids this way they will not get wet. The advantage of using plastic containers is that they can be reused for other purposes after relocation this way you get to avoid wasting resources. Additionally, wrapping your belongings with cling foil protects them from getting wet. Covering items with cling foil prevents the items from scratching against each other and causing damage.

Consider Water Proof Items First

It is possible that the rains won’t go on for long hence it’s wiser to move items that are waterproof such as plastic bins and containers, this way it will help save on time instead of waiting for the rains to stop it will reduce the number of items to be loaded on when the rains stop. Things such as electronics and important documents can be the move when the rains stop.

Avoid Slipping

Chances of the floor getting slippery after rains are high, its hence important to take necessary precautions to avoid such accidents that could lead to injury and damage to property. In instances where the ground is yet to thaw, consider moving during the midday when some of the water has been absorbed. Placing some cardboard cartons an also be placed on the ground as a makeshift matt to provide additional protection against the slippery floors.

Single File Arrangement

Besides the risk of having your property get wet. There is also the possibility of damaging your carpet or floor with tracks of mud from the movers. To avoid this, have the movers align themselves in a single assembly file to reduce the constant movement and down in the rain. Ensure they have protective wear to prevent them from getting drenched as this could be harmful to their health.

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