Readying Possessions for Long-Term Storage

  • 23.01.2018
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Storing possessions over a long period can be as a result of numerous situations: moving in with your better half, relocating to another country, or you have too many items to fit in your current home. Whatever the reason behind putting possessions in storage, it is a good decision. Prior to your long-term storage venture, here are some crucial pointers to adhere to help you ready your possessions for it.

Plough Money in Purchasing Excellent Packing Tools

Having high-end storage product is the most crucial part of ensuring that your possessions survive being in storage for a long time. Going for low-quality packing tools will only put your belongings at risk of damage. Therefore, avoid them at all costs. The best places to purchase quality equipment is at hardware or home supply establishments. Ensure you purchase enough tape, packing peanuts, plastic wrap, containers, and Styrofoam.

Utilize stackable containers

Such containers are especially essential if you have a lot of possessions that are being stored. Having containers that can easily be placed on each other without risk of denting the ones beneath will ensure you have enough space to fit all your belongings. Additionally, they can help keep your items safe in the case of water leakage and any other aspects that may put your belongings at risk.

Fill up your Containers

Despite the kind of containers being used, ensure there is no room left inside them. Even if they end up being weightier than they should be, they will keep the risk of breaking into each other and causing damage due to the extra room left inside. Such damage is especially common with containers that are left for a long time.

Secure Furniture Pieces

Take enough time to wrap and encase your furniture pieces, especially if they are of antique value. If you have a relocating team do this for you, oversee the task to ensure it is done right. This step is crucial to ensure that environmental factors such as humidity do not affect the articles. That way, it can keep weird smells at bay. This should especially be done with cushions and mattresses since they tend to absorb things easily.

Put Drawers to Use

Drawers and chests from furniture pieces that are going into storage can be used to store some belongings in. That way, you end up with more container space to put other items.

Make Labels your Best Friend

If you plan on using your belongings in the future, chances are you will not remember the specifics of what is where. Therefore, spare yourself the trouble of having to sort everything out from scratch by putting labels on all the containers going into storage. The labels should include the area of the house the items in the box go and a list of all the possessions inside.

These few pointers will ensure that you are ready to put your belongings in storage when you choose to. Having your possessions organized correctly will avoid any damage coming to them while they are in their unit. Give us a call at Aulac Long Distance Movers for some more pointers on how to handle your goods and chattels for long-term storage.

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