Maintain your Storage Unit

  • 24.07.2018
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Arranging the storage unit is imperative particularly when frequently visits are made to the storage unit. It not only makes it stress-free to access belongings but also ensures they aren’t carelessly placed as they are likely to be damaged. Organizing is the key to ensuring space is not wasted as it enables things to be put where they fit. Here is a quick guide on how to make your unit not look like a thrift store;

Preparing Large Items for Storage

Dissemble items that can be put apart and put them vertically. Start with large stuff such as tables, chairs and cabinets to ensure they don’t block the entrance. Defrost refrigerators to ensure they do not develop mold or mildew. Coat wood using protecting polish which prevents pests from eating up the wood. Ensure everything is clean and dusted before storing them.

Size matters with Boxes and Bins

Be sureto distribute the weight of items stored in boxes to ensure stability. Tape both the top and the bottom and label the cartons, this way it will be easy to identify what is in the box. Ensure the boxes are stacked starting with the weighty ones at the bottom and the heavy ones on top. Use bubble wrap to protect fragile items from breaking.

Organizing by Utility and Accessibility

Seasonal items such as winter clothes and gym wear are only useful in seasons when they’re needed. It is, therefore, smarter to keep these items in a place where they will be accessible when need arises. Keep regularly needed items closer, this way you’ll not have to move heavy objects to access them. Use shelves to put smaller items.

Choose an Appropriate Unit

Selecting the right storingplace is a factor to be carefullyconsidered before settling for a storage unit. Pick a unit that has climate controlling features, especially when storing perishable items, additionally such units ensure that your belongings are not affected by adverse weather conditions. Facilities that offer periodic inspections and conduct security monitoring are a plus since they provide assurance for the safety of your valuables.

Keep an Inventory

Sometimes your unit may have a lot of things stored making it hard to notice when something goes missing. Keep a list of things that are in the unit and mark them out when they are taken out for use or sold, taking pictures is also a way of identifying what is in storage this will help you notice when an item disappears.

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