All About the Relocating Essentials Container

  • 17.07.2019
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More than ten percent of Canadians pack up and relocate to a new residence annually. If you fall into this category, it is essential to note that the relocation process does not end at organizing and hauling your belongings. Once you get to your new place, all your goods and chattel have to be unpacked and arranged accordingly. During your first night post-relocation, it can be hard to locate essentials with containers that have yet to be organized. It could also be that you arrive before your possessions do.

The essentials box comes in handy to save you the trouble of going through all the boxes to find what you need. This container should be organized before the haul and should be with you instead of the movers. Here are some pointers on the essentials that should go in this container.

  • Bathroom

Using the bathroom is part of human nature, which makes bathroom supplies among the most important to include. Toilet paper, washcloths, toothbrushes, shampoo, soap, and towels make up some of the essential bathroom supplies. Shower curtains are also vital inclusions in case your new home does not have any.

  • Medication

If you or any of the members of your family are on daily medication, then this category will be as crucial on the road as it will be for the first few nights at your destination. Ensure to include vitamins, birth control, inhalers, and allergy meds, among others.

  • Utensils

A whole set of dinnerware is not necessary, but do carry enough tools to cater to each family member. Even if you plan on ordering takeout for the first night, include these pieces in case the organizing process takes longer than expected. Therefore, if you are a family of three, carry three glasses, forks, plates, spoons, knives, etc. In the case of items like pots, scissors, and serving spoons, you can pack one or two.

Aside from all the kitchenware, you’ll need to include snacks, beverages, trash bags, and some things that can be used to make an easy meal. Also, include bowls to feed your furry friends if you have any.

  • Cleaning

You may need to clean your house before placing items in their respective places, which means you’ll have to take cleaning supplies with you. Clorox wipes, all-purpose cleaners, washcloths, dustpans, and a broom should make it into your essentials box. Alternatively, you can choose to purchase bulky items like a broom once you reach your destination. Additionally, include some dishwashing soap to keep the utensils in use clean.

  • Significant documents

It is advisable to have all necessary papers with you rather than leaving them to your relocating team. Avoid the risk of losing health records, passports, titles, and others by having them on your person during the haul.

  • Emergency kit

An accident can occur while you are settling into your new home, which necessitates the inclusion of emergency supplies. Arrange your essentials container with band-aids, matches, medical tape, flashlights, and tweezers.

Relocating is quite a challenging experience and involves a lot more than arranging an essentials box. Long Distance Moving Service in St. John’s can help with the transition at fair prices.

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